About Us

Ron's Wisconsin Cheese

Family shot of Ron, his wife and two sons

Ron and Marilyn Renard started Ron’s Wisconsin Cheese in February 1976. Ron was a Wisconsin licensed cheese maker and cheese grader with the desire to start his own business. Ron's Cheese was first a retail cheese store with a laundromat and self-serve carwash. In 1978 Ron began making cheese spreads that are now recognized all across the country. We now make 12 different flavors, with our Spreadable Cream Cheese with Herbs & Spice being our biggest seller. In 1990, their son Terry graduated from college with a degree in Business Management and became part owner with Ron and Marilyn. Ron and Terry began expanding the wholesale side of the business. Ron's Cheese now wholesales their products to grocery stores, convenient stores and restaurants throughout Wisconsin.

In May of 2005, Ron and Marilyn sold their half of the business to another son, Tim. Terry and Tim continued to carry on the business, offering the freshest and highest quality products to their customers until January 2014.

At that time John T Pagel purchased Ron’s Wisconsin Cheese, creating the opportunity to make his farm fresh dairy products from his milk. By acquiring Ron’s Cheese he can now offer his products both wholesale and retail.